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Jan 2, 2013 7:00pm EST
's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought about going vegan carl? hahaha!! you know folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than antelope with night-vision goggles. nice! get happy. get geico. >>> angry news conferences and attack statements from republicans as well as democrats are flying everywhere and they're directed at speaker john boehner. eamon joins us from washington with the details. >> reporter: the new york-new jersey delegation met with john boehner and came out with a commitment to have two votes on hurricane sandy aid. the first on friday will cover $9 billion in aid and a second vote on the 15th of january will cover the additional $51 billion. that marked the end of an amazing political drama today. it all started last night when boehner adjourned congress without addressing the aid for sandy victims. republicans and democrats took to the floor. >> these people have no problems when
Dec 31, 2012 9:00am EST
place 15 hours from now. i'm carl, with melissa lee. cramer and faber are off today. good morning to you, dan. >> good morning. >> the house gaveling into session just a few moments ago. business there is going to start at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. futures are showing some resilience as becky said, despite no deal yet in congress. but remember, the sell-off on friday and friday night was pretty severe. the dow is set to open below 13,000. markets in europe mixed after a shortened session in the uk, france and spain. our road map starts right where we were months ago, waiting for the 112th congress to agree on a debt reduction package. the senate convenes at 11:00 a.m. >> the dow had its worst day in a month on friday. set to close december with a loss. the question is, does it continue to sell off if there isn't an accord in congress. >> we will always have china. manufacturing pmi data from last night is the best in 21 months. can we finally say the chinese economy has been stabilized. >> but of course, we start in washington. as you know, congress comes back today. the house gaveling in
Dec 26, 2012 5:00am PST
novela amor bra voy. hablamos del cantautor mexicano, carl macias, y su ascenso al estrellato. conquistó a millones en las extensa de amor en la telenovela amor bra soyvoy. la aceptación de sus canciones gracias a la novela, le ha cambiado la vida. >>> lloré mucho con la novela nada más de acordarme y ver las extensa, y de pronto tener 80 seguidores en twitter, llegar a tener más de 5.000 en 3 o # 4 meses. que la gente empieza a hablar de la canción, esa parte bonita que la ejemplo se mete a internet, no sabían, ¿quien la canta? ¿quien es? y hoy tengo 5 millones y medio de re producciones en 5 meses. >>> con más de 13 años de carrera, el compositor mexicano, nos confesó que el éxito llegó en un momento crucial en su carrera. >>> antes de divina tú, antes de la novela amor br bravio estuve a punto de renunciar y decir ya. >>> los primeros que cono sfafi en él. >>> pablo montero y su hermano que falleció hace 2 ó 3 años, era como mi hermano. aracely arámbula me graba y le produje su disco a aracely. >>> gracias a... >>> gracias a pablo. >>> grandes artistas han grabado s
Jan 1, 2013 5:00pm EST
are really hard to deal with. anyway, i think they are the fly in the buttermilk. host: abc's jonathan carl, who has been a capitol hill producer for several years and is now going to be the new white house correspondent for abc is up on capitol hill following this. here is a tweed he just sent out. that is from a senate democratic leadership aide according to jonathan carl of abc news. james in new hampshire republican line. caller: happy new year. i am a republican died in the wall, but what i will say is both parties -- i don't know which one started disappearing -- started it and i don't care, why do they let it go to the last second? i am craig said every one of them. my congressman bass -- i am crazed at every one of them. my congressman bass, they got he got kicked out. all they are doing tonight is fixing unemployment, farms, and all that stuff, which needs to be done, and in two months we're going to be right back in the same spot. they should pass this tonight and then get three days off, and then all they should be doing is dealing with this negs debt ceiling -- next debt ceiling
Dec 27, 2012 7:00am EST
. the new york post this morning as a whole section. on in the post --y go carl in port deposit, maryland. caller: yeah, i am a truck driver. i live in maryland and have a lot of friends from baltimore, philadelphia, and just the thought of the bush tax cuts being cut or being discontinued makes everybody's taxes go up. .'m already paying fuel tax if you hall piece of freight from baltimore to philadelphia, it pays $285, a u.s. just put $200 ridicule in your truck. he spent $36 one-way on a bridge, $18 through the tunnel, next year it goes up to $48 for the bridge. $24 for the fort mchenry tunnel. i mean, nothing leaves nothing. it's getting out of hand. it used to be a pretty good deal to be a truck driver. now i am not so sure anymore. i just don't know what the next step is. . -- 2013 tax deal is scary me a little. host: -- that is just a portion of what is in the new york times this morning. next is mary in sun city, california. go ahead. we are listening. caller: i am in the rental business in california. i hear california is very big on welfare and section 8. i see there are so many
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)